We provide a wide range of aesthetic treatments to help transform appearance and function.

We are always happy to discuss your concerns and requirements and provide a treatment plan and estimate suited for your individual needs.

Composite Veneers

Composite Veneers are an excellent option when you want to improve appearance but preserve all the natural tooth tissue.

Case Study

Patient was unhappy with stained and worn upper anterior teeth but did not want to lose any existing tooth tissue.

A course of tooth whitening  was initially carried out to lift the overall tooth shade.

Direct non preparation composite veneers were then placed, with no loss of tooth structure.

Composite Restorations

Amalgam (metal) restorations provide good function but can look ugly.  Where appropriate, composite restorations can be an excellent aesthetic alternative.  

Case Study

Patient presented with decay under a failing amalgam restoration on an upper molar. 


This old amalgam was visible when the patient smiled, and therefore a more aesthetic restoration was required. 


As the tooth was not subject to heavy occlusal loads, a direct composite restoration was the ideal choice.


Dentures don't need to look false and can be a good option to replace several missing teeth.


Case Study  

Patient was unhappy with the appearance and fit of a very old denture.


A new cobolt chrome denture was made. This new denture provided great function and much improved aesthetics.


Accidents unfortunately do happen.  However we can offer a range of treatments to help minimise the impact.

Case Study

Patient had fallen over and traumatised upper incisor.  

Unfortunately the nerve in the tooth died and this lead to discolouration of the enamel almost overnight.

Following root canal therapy, internal non vital tooth

whitening was performed, which brilliantly restored the original enamel shade.

Before Composite Veneers were placed
After composite veneers were placed.
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Old unsightly amalgam restoration.
Composite Restoration
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Old Denture
New Cobolt Chrome Denture
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Enamel Discolouration following trauma
Non vital tooth whitening
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Case Studies
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