Fee Guide

The fees below are provided as a guide only. Itemised and costed treatment plans will be provided prior to commencement of any treatment.

Initial Clinical Examination

£ 80

Initial Clincal Examination for newly registered patients or patients who have not attended for over 5years. Xrays taken at this visit are included in fee.

Routine Clinicial Examination - Age 16+

£ 45

Routine Examination for registered patients. Routine xrays are included in this fee.

Routine Clinical Examination - Age 10-15


Routine Clinical Examination - Age 0-9


Free child check-up applies if a parent is a registered and regular attender of Practice, otherwise check-up with be charged at £18.00

Consultation for assessment or advice

£ 25

A consultation appointment at a time other than your routine examination. Any treatment carried out during this consultation (ie temporary filling) will be charged in addition.


£ 10

Hygienist Routine Periodontal Maintenance


Hygienist appointments are tailored for your need. All visits include monitoring of periodontal condition, removal of plaque and calculus and oral health education.

Hygienist Intensive Periodontal Maintenance

From £75 to £ 130

Usually a minimum of 2 visits for plaque and calculus removal, periodontal condition measurement, oral health, toothbrush and interproximal cleaning education.

Hygienist Treatment - Children under 14

£ 28

Oral health education visit for children under 14 years of age

Hygienist Treatment - Children aged 14-15

£ 44

Hygienist scale and polish for children aged 14 and 15.


From £ 140

Fillings - Deciduous Teeth

£ 30

Fillings in baby teeth for children under 16.

Root Fillings

From £ 380

Crown & Bridge Units

From £ 490


From £ 535

Tooth Whitening

£ 250

Whitening at home - includes upper and lower trays plus 4 tubes of whitening gel

Partial Denture

From £ 395

Full Upper or Lower Denture

From £ 895

Full Upper and Lower Denture

From £ 1495


From £ 150

Orthodontic Extractions

£ 100 per extraction

Extractions requested by Orthodontist

Emergency Call Out

£ 100

Open surgery during a weekend or bank holiday